Friday, February 1, 2013


I've been reading kenneth in the (212), by Arizona refugee, Kenneth Walsh, for almost as long as he's been blogging - over 7 years! He is one of my must read blogs and not just because I'm a New Yorker. I'm from Long Island so when it comes to NYC I'm as much a tourist as anyone - maybe even more so. Yes, he does write about life and living in NYC but then what blogger doesn't write about where they live? Kenneth also writes about Blondie and Debbie Harry - he could be their biggest fan and promoter, he loves music - mostly from the 80's, tennis - especially sexy male tennis players, nail salons - not going, just posting their pics, entertainment, news, politics and as a former writer for the NYT he has an inside perspective to the collapsing world of print journalism. You'll find the front pages of the more prominent and popular newspapers and well as the LGBT Media. He often attends and reports from most of the NY LGBT events, plays and nightlife. If that wasn't enough, he greets every day with morning wood! (yes, it's what you think).  Take a trip to the (212) and stay a while, tell'm Sean sent you.

Finally, in his own words, "Writer/editor living in Manhattan (so you don't have to). My blog covers pop culture, politics, books, celebrity, music, tennis, New York City, LGBT issues, small adventures -- and is filled with writethrus galore ..."

A weekly post highlighting one of the many blogs I read and feature on my blogrolls. Some blogs may have been around for years, others for weeks.

My blogroll is divided into several categories: 
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Mike in Asheville said...

Sean, I too have been a reader of Kenneth's blog almost from the beginning -- and, I came to know about you and your blog from a reference Kenneth noted about you. Cheers to both!

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