Friday, February 22, 2013


One Step At A Time is Buddy Bear's later in life journey from married father of three to out, and out on the town, proud gay man. In his words:
I'm a middle-aged out gay guy from British Columbia, Canada and the father of three teenagers. My wife found out I was gay three years ago and we've been separated for two. Our divorce should be final in two months. In the past year, I've tried to balance an exciting slut phase with having my kids living with me much of the time. Lately, I've been busy dating ... a whole new can of worms!
That can of worms tends to be hot twenty-somethings who Buddy lustfully details his adventures with in his search for love/satisfaction and his new identity and punctuates with NSFW pics. But it's not all sex, Buddy is in the final stages of his divorce, has 2 of his 3 teenage children living with him most of the time (the 3rd is in university) in his house on the lake and shares his challenges of being a high school teacher.

You can see why all the Canadian boys and men from other countries want this hot father of 3. Not just a body, he is witty, intelligent, reflective, optimistic and responsible. He posts almost daily and responds to most comments. So grab your passport (better safe then sorry) and stop by for a visit. Tell him Sean dropped you off.

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  1. I found his blog last week via your TMI. I can totally identify and wish him an easy journey on what is often a very bumpy ride for us older "twinks".

  2. Good choice Sean... I really enjoy his blog as well.

  3. I will check him out, SEAN. You had me at the semi-naked dirtbike and the Ginch Gonch undies. :)

  4. I've been to his blog and it's interesting to read about "his adventures" at this stage of life. Something most of us older guys went through decades ago and some of us still searching for that special guy.

  5. I've been enjoying Buddy's blog for at least a couple years. I found inspiration in the stories of another married father going through the divorce and coming out process while maintaining a relationship with his kids.

    He is also smokin' hot!

    Nice profile Sean.

  6. buddybear is a damn good looking guy and a good friend of mine! smooches to my canadian boyfriend! :)

  7. I was sitting here watching a DVD with my kids and innocently clicked on the link to your blog. OMFG! LOL!!

    My daughter asked: "Dad, why are you smiling?" There it is, my pasty-white lard arse on my dirt bike, larger than life!!

    Thanks, Sean, for featuring my blog as your 'Passenger Pickup.' Your kind words and extravagant praise are making me blush!! I hope we meet in person one day!

  8. My pleasure! I would call your ass pasty - milky white is more like it and I've never seen lard that firm or shapely.

    Now some clarification. Was the DVD on tv while you were surfing the net or were you all watching on the computer? In other words, did she also see your milk-white buns of steel?

    Did she recognize your ummm bike?

  9. Thanks, Sean for the clarification on my milky-white, firm ass! No, the DVD was playing on the TV and I was sitting in a private corner with my laptop.

    My kids certainly do NOT know about my blog but one day I might show it to them ... I mean, ten or more years from now as a historical artifact.

    The other day, my daughter and I had a bit of a "sex life talk", hers and mine, which I will blog about soon. And my son has accidentally met TWO of the guys I hook up with. So the kids know that Dad is busy on the nights when he's home alone without the kids. :-)


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