Thursday, February 21, 2013


1. What do you wear to bed?
I'm like a furnace at night so I like to be cool, usually just a t-shirt and undies. I would sleep naked but don't think it's very hygienic and with two dogs, many nights I have to get up and take them out.  
2. Lots of blankets or just one?
I love to be under lots of blankets and the heavier the better but the room has to be cold so usually it's only one. Even during the summer, I'm most comfortable when I'm wrapped in at least a sheet.

3. Do you like a cold room or a hot room?
I love a cold room and usually have a window open all winter. During the summer I have to crank the AC down as low as possible otherwise I get all sweaty.

4. Who or what sleeps with you at night?
I sleep with my two doggies - Truvy and Tramp - and they like to sleep with me in the middle. 
5. Do you hog the blankets?
I like to wrap the blankets around my legs but once I'm settled, I don't hog them and am very good to sleep with (or so I've been told) - especially if you get cold at night. Having Truvy and Tramp sleep with me they tend to sleep on the blankets and once they're down for the night, they're out and they make it very hard for me to get under the blankets or out from under them.
6. What size is your bed and what kind of mattress is it?
I have a queen size and it's a memory foam (but not Tepurpedic.)

7. Do you eat in bed?
Yes, food, and then some.
 8. What kind of sleeper are you? 
I have a difficult time falling asleep at night but once asleep, I'm a very deep sleeper, so deep that I only remember dreams about once a month. If I'm traveling I'm more likely to fall asleep before the plane or train takes off which is why I always take the window seat - something to lean on.
9. What is under your bed?
Lot's of dust and dog hair and probably a few doggie toys. Both Truvy and Tramp love sleeping under the bed so I keep it clear for them.
What won't you do in bed?
I don't have any rules about what can or can't be done in bed so I don't think there is anything that I do (other than bathroom things) that I wouldn't do in bed. I've had bf's who didn't like to watch tv or eat in bed - those relationships didn't last. ;)

TMI Questions 
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  1. 1. Nothing. I never do. I can't remember the last time I had clothes on in bed. Maybe in my dorm room?

    2. Depends on the season. Right now it 's a sheet, an electric blanket and a comforter. The electric blanket is turned on an hour before bed to get the chill off, then it's off the rest of the night. In summer, often I sleep atop the sheets. No comforter is there.

    3. In between. But I'm always cold, so I'm not good w a cold room.

    4. One husband and one cat. The dog sleeps downstairs.

    5. Not really. There are days more end up on my side but my husband is never without.

    6. King. Firm.

    7. No food in bed. Not allowed.

    8. I can fall asleep in a minute, but have trouble staying asleep, though it's getting a little better. I can now sleep longer than 5 hours per night.

    9. Not a thing. Dust probably, but that's it.

    10. No TV in bed, bc no TV in bedroom. It's a place for quiet and relaxation. I don't miss it a bit.

  2. 1 Nothing, I let everything have freash air and hang very loose; and if I have to let the dog out, nobody should be awake at that time of night anyway.

    2 No blankets for me. I use a feather down cover and a silver fox through.

    3. Colder the better. I have others say it felt like an freezer to them. but nothing every shrivals up on me. I am the way god made me. very nicely.

    4 Sadie Mae is my bed partner. Or should i say I slleep in the bed she sleeps on top of the bed.

    5 No I been known to toss them off from getting to HOT. I am very HOT Nature.

    6 Calf King.. Firm. Jus tthey way I like my Men tall and firmin the right areas.

    7. It depends on who the person is. Sean I would in a heart beat. Oh you mean food wise. At times I do, but normally I eat inthe kitchen.

    8 I sleep very deeply and go to sleep quickly. Jon, my ex use to say I would fall asleep any where just give me a couple of min to relax.

    9Not much. a towel/rag, guess what for?? I am always horned up. I clean under the bed 4 times a year to "spring Clean" so to speak.

    BONUS.. Scat I wil not do. I think it is sick, and do not understand it. But I will give evreything else a try. So try me , Sean.

  3. I love your answers, Sean. And that last pic got me super hard.

  4. Great answers (and pics)... as per ususal.

    The last pic... whoo hoo!

    Rejeceted Reality

  5. thanks for sharing.


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