Friday, March 8, 2013


I was introduced to Aussielicious by Buddy Bear of One Step At A Time and Kelly of Rambling along in life... when they wrote about their respective entries into The Aussielicious Self Portrait Contest.

After casting my vote, I explored Brenton's blog and found in filled with beautiful photographs and intelligent and fun writing. I'm still exploring but I think a Jeep and Aussielicious sound like a perfect match for days of sun and fun. So take a trip down under and when you see Brenton, tell him Sean dropped you off.

In his own words:
Outgoing, I love to challenge myself, spend great time with my friends and family. Trying to taste a bit of everything that life has to offer. Put me on a beach and I relax instantly, take my clothes off too and I’m completely relaxed. 
I’m a graphic designer by training and also an aspiring amateur photographer. A typical Libran, I’m obsessed with beauty and try to find it everywhere. 
Aussielicious was born in November 2005 as a way to keep my international friends up to date but quickly evolved into a flesh filled bit of fun, not to be taken too seriously. I’m the one at a party being politically incorrect and making jokes, a lot of the time at my own expense.

One of Brenton's photographs.

You can preview Brenton's book and purchase either the hardback version
or the e-book version from Blurb by 
clicking here.

Click here to more of Brenton's photography.

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  1. Sean - great choice for your Passenger Pick Up.



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