Friday, March 22, 2013


Meet this week's Passenger Pickup -  UrSpo of Spo-Reflections. His profile name and the one you'll see credited in his numerous comments is UrSpo (get it? your Spo) but his real name is Michael. I though his blog would be the perfect Passenger Pickup this week as I was supposed to meet him, his partner (referred to as Someone) and numerous other bloggers down in Lewes, DE near Rehoboth Beach but am unable to due to my mom's declining health.

I'll let him introduce himself, this will give you a better sense of his wit, intelligence, charm and quirkiness better then I ever could. Plus he's a nice hunk a'bear! When you're finished, pay him a visit and tell'm Sean dropped you off.
I am 50 years old, and well over four feet.
I started blogging in February, 2006. I chose the pen name “Ur-Spo”, as “Ur” suggests something ancient and primordial.”Spo” is a funny sounding word I remember from college days.  Saying it always made me smile.”Ur-Spo” sounds like the start of a joke, or something archetypal and comic. Rather lofty, for someone who wants to just write out dribble.
My real name is Michael.
I have a long time companion. In my blog, I refer to him as Someone. This is in honor of own of my favorite authors, the late Alice Thomas Ellis.
I write about my daily doings and thoughts, and what is on my mind. My blog is my way of scratching an itch to be a writer.
As a psychiatrist who is trained in the Jungian school of psychology, I sometimes write about Jungian concepts -or my daily life as a physician.
Some ongoing categories you will see here:
Randoms Thoughts
Notes from the Office
Curious Things about the House
Spo-Reflections on (insert topic here)
In my second half of my life  I am opening up to new ideas and growth of the Self – but I would like a cup of tea, please.
I meet many bright and friendly souls along the way. I thank you for dropping by. It is an honor for me. Please leave a comment if you like something – and to tell me who you are!
I hope our time together is something marvelous.

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  1. you picked FABULOUS pictures of the guest of honor!

    love you! :)

  2. Excellent choice for a pick=up! Let me tell you something about Dr. Spo, who I had the pleasure (all mine) of meeting in person at this year's Bloggerama. He is even more handsome in person and I think one has to agree he pretty darn well good-looking in his photos. And, he is TALL! I was very surprised at how tall he is, which, to me only added to his sexiness. And the best part of meeting this delightful man, he is just as charming, thoughtful, intelligent and sexy in person as he is in his blog. I sense that Dr. Spo is uncomfortable when I tell him this but I am telling one an all, Dr. Spo is a doll. Handsome, kind, intelligent, thoughtful and funny. I'm still looking for a flaw and have yet to find any in this man. He is a delight as anyone who has met him in person can attest to. I would share a jail cell anytime with MIchael.

  3. Yikes!
    I missed this
    I hope it is not too late to say thank you!


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