Friday, March 8, 2013


I first posted about Lazaro, here, back in January. On Thursday night he was voted into the TOP 10 Finalist on American Idol. I hope he continues to succeed! 
I may have to start watching American Idol again. Meet Lazaro Arbos, he has an inspiring story, of course. He has such a severe stutter at times that he is barely able to speak, but he can sing. He sang the shit out of Bridge Over Troubled Water - just try not to think of Clay Akin's version or voice.
Oh and he is gorgeous! At only 21, this Cuban born man looks much younger but I think he is only going to get better as he gets older - can you imagine him at 35?! Love the bow tie too. Anyone think he's straight? Enjoy!

Audition and background story.

Performance that got him into the TOP 10 Finalist!

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Stan said...

I remember this post. He's such a cute kid! I'll have to watch too even though I never watch AI.

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