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**Sorry this is late but I my day didn't go as planned yesterday.

1. Just how hairy are you? Do you desire more or less and where?
I'm moderately hairy and getting more so with age. I have just the right amount on my arms, legs and chest and since the summer (a very weird time to grow a beard) a full beard which has gotten some great results. The hair on my head has never really done what I wanted it to do but it's still there and that's fine by me! The fun thing about my hair are all the colors - my arms and legs are very blond, my chest is black, my beard is auburn and my head (which was platinum blond until I was 12) is now Preference by Loreal 9G - other than a lot of gray, I don't know my true color anymore. I like the hair that I have and don't desire anymore - "You hear that back, ass and ears?!" 

2. Your friend post's a pic of you when you were 25, what year is it and what does your hair look like?
I was in grad school and if I remember correctly, it was pretty much the same as now only a bit fuller and with a little less forehead.
3. What do you have to do and how long does it take you to make your hair look the way it does?
Most of the time I just wash, run my fingers through it and go. Now that it's been colder, I'll blow it dry before going out. I'm missing the gay-hair-product gene and can never use them properly. About once a month I breakout the Preference which takes about 30 mins.
4. What was the most you ever paid for a haircut?
Almost $100! and it was the last time. I had been going to Beth since moving to DC and had referred at least 10 guys and an ex to her. My cuts were usually about $35 but this time I asked for color AND highlights. It didn't turn out quite right so she did another process and I was more than shocked at the bill. Now I go the local barber (there are no gay hair salons anywhere near me) and pay $8 for the cut which includes shaving the back of my neck and $12 for the tip. 
5. Do you manscape?
occasionally trim the pubs and shave the boys - I'm not a dentist so I don't think I should be flossing a guy's teeth when he's giving me a blow job.
6. Men with beards are?
Just as hot as clean-shaven men but definitely the new trend! I do like the beard to be well groomed and some men look way hotter with while some look hotter without. One of my ex's would change his look every time I saw him. It was like dating someone new every week.
7. What hair on a man affects your libido most?
Without question it is that peak of hair you see when his shirt lifts up. When we sit on the couch or lay in bed, I love to put my hand there and just gently brush it. Of course, those wisps of hair must lead to a nicely carpeted chest.

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  1. I was doing "Just for Men" but gave up on it a few years ago. Too much of a pain in the ass when the gray roots start coming in especially when you keep your hair short. Now I'm salt and pepper but mostly salt. I am glad though that I've still got a full head of hair minus the male pattern thinning on top. Both my Brother's hair is mostly completely gone on them.

  2. Super pictures to illustrate this informative post, loved it.

    Plus here are brief replies to those questions.
    1) I'm not too hairy, I have some one my chest, pubes, legs. I used to have a very hairy chest but when I young and fit I used to wax it at least once a week!

    2) It'll be about 94 and I was waxed in most places and my head hair was fashioned in a sort of wedge!

    3) It takes no time, I've close shaved my head to a nice number two all over.

    4) I paid £85 once, but that was a colour and a cut.

    5) I do trim downstairs on a regular basis. I love the feel of smooth balls!

    6) beards can be hot as fuck, just as stubble can be, but it's the whole package that turns me on.

    7)I love two areas, pits and ankles, both have to have just the right amount of hair, too much or none at all and I'm as floppy as a floppy thing at a floppy festival!


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