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1. Do you scare easily?
I do and I don't. I'm not really scared of anything but I do get 'jumpy' (thanks mom) when tired or really concentrating. I loved to be scared, the adrenaline, the silliness and the excitement. 
2. Do believe in ghosts, spirits, etc?
I know many people, including my nephew, who do and have had regular experiences but I haven't. I think it would be very cool to live in a haunted house and am open to them being real. So while I'm a bit skeptical, I would never disbelieve someone who says they have, make fun of them for being crazy or judge them. I have actually had some very good conversations with people who have.
3. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
I it was The Evil Dead and I saw it in the movie theater. I was so scared, more like freaked out, when the girl is about to get raped by the trees that I left the theater. I went back two days later timing my entrance to when I left. The ticket lady told me I would be missing a lot of the movie and when I explained why I wanted to go in late, she let me in for free.
4. Are you scared of things lurking under the bed?
Definitely when I was younger and then again when I was in college and was reading IT, by Stephen King. That was one scary book and my bed sat under a window. Every night I would pull the shade down, something I rarely do and did specifically when reading this book, except one night. As soon as I realized that the shade was still up, I carefully and slowly moved my arm to close the shade. I didn't want to attract Pennywise's (the clown) attention and I deliberately didn't look at window because I knew THAT HE WOULD BE THERE AND I WOULD BE DEAD! To this day I believe that.
5. Do you look in the backseat before you get into your car?
I do. When you have a soft top Jeep or car, you never lock the doors because they can just cut, or with my Wrangler, just unzip them and homeless people like to spend nights in cars. Plus, I've seen that movie at least 100 times.
6. What's the scariest actual/real event you've experienced?
I have aging parents and with my mom's health there have been numerous times when I would look at them and wonder if they were sleeping or if I should get the mirror.
 This story is rather funny and more about my scaring myself. When I first moved to the DC area I was living in Alexandria by myself. I left the apt for about 3 hours in the afternoon. When I got back I noticed the bedroom light was on but I was 99% sure that hadn't left it on. The door was unlocked, it wouldn't have been the first time. One of my bookcase doors was open but my tv and vcr were still there. At this point I was suspecting that my apt had been broken into but could believe it so I started playing a game with myself. In a too loud voice I asked my imaginary friends, BUBBA and CHUCK, if they wanted beers. I continued to talk with them as I looked around but nothing was missing so I relaxed. Then I saw my coin cup was empty and I knew! I ran to the door and locked it but then I remembered how many people are killed in the movies for locking themselves in with the killers. So I fumbled for a minute before I got the door open and my self safely out on the sidewalk. Some things were taken and since my lease was up I changed my mind about staying and moved to a new apt.
7. Do you have nightmares?
I do and I wrote about one last year (I don't have time to find it).
8. Do you have any phobia's such as heights, bugs, dogs or cats, flying, etc?
I don't have any real phobia's but there are things I don't like like bugs and especially electricity. The bug thing I get from my mom, it's my DNA test that proves she's my biological mother, but the electricity thing is just from a number of unpleasant experiences, mostly lightbulbs, but it doesn't keep me for doing what has to be done, I just try to find someone to do it first.


What was your scariest sexual experience?

I think we all can say our 'first time' was pretty scary from going into a bar, to going on a date, to kissing and sex and the big one - the HIV test. But my fun scary experience is also a bit embarrassing. I met a guy online and we hooked up at his place. I knew he had been working long hours and was tired so when he fell asleep, in the middle of things, I just gathered my things and left. When he didn't contact me to apologize and I didn't see him online (and he was always online) and he didn't return my texts or one very nervous vmail, I truly thought he had died. I was about to call the police but decided to run by his apartment one more time. I knocked - no answer, tv still on, no smell. I opened the door. I scared the hell out of him when he saw me. We had a good laugh about it and then finished what we had started 5 day prior.

TMI Questions 
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  1. Leather and Titclamps and Bears, Oh my!

    1) Scare easily: like you, yes and no. Sudden slams/crashes get me everytime. Monsters and spooks, not really.

    2) Spirits: Absolutely! Now more than 25 years ago, I regularly had out-of-body experiences that included visiting personas of other travelers. During this time, I also experienced something I believe was real -- in the boarding house across the street from Ford's Theater, I stood watching Lincoln reach his demise, but before the last gasps for air, another Lincoln, fully dressed in the theater garb, walked to me, we exchanged nods of silent greeting, and watched as the Lincoln in bed died. We then nodded goodbyes.

    A few years later, I came across photographs of Lincoln's last days in the boarding house room -- wow, it was so as I saw during my OBE.

    3) Scariest movie: toss-up Misery and The Shining.

    4) Under the bed: Not me, but my Hubby, oh yeah. Where ever we are, home and away, he picks the side of the bed farthest from any potential source of "shadow men".

    5) Check the backseat: Well, with that stud you show in the passenger seat, no need to worry about backseat monsters.

    6) Actual scary event: death threats and criminal vandalism from a former business partner, including having my office, including my desk and chair, computer, and all 5 picture windows, destroyed with a Colt 45.

    7) Nightmare: occasionally -- usually depends on what I watching on TV. A few months ago, I had an entertaining nightmare as the cast of Downton Abby joined the Walking Dead -- a wild ride for me!

    8) Phobias: moths! Why, who knows?

    Bonus: Sexual: (My favorite part of your TMI questions): This happened about 20 years ago, I met a guy at Slammer, a sex club in LA. Sex clubs bring out the slut in me, and I can be very slutty. So, this guy I notice watching me as I am hanging in a sling enjoying the fun. When I go for a break, I notice this guy following, and, of course, I am interested. He makes his move, and I'm happy about that.

    So, we are going at it, and the next thing I know, I am waking up and he is pounding himself into me. It was amazing, nothing like any experience before, and I can't quite figure why it was so different and so hot. Then, next thing I know, I am waking again, and he is still pounding into me. And again, and again. I didn't want it to end, but of course, it did after he came.

    It was afterward when I asked what caused me to need to awaken. Turns out (and I probably was fucked up a bit on poppers/other stuff), he was putting me into a gentle choke hold until I'd loose consciousness. It was the waking, and coming back into a sexual frenzy, that was such the turn-on.

    WARNING THOUGH: choking and breath control can be super fun, but they are also super DANGEROUS. If you want to play or experiment with it, find yourself an experienced mentor, and have safety protections built in.

  2. I like the first pix - that sure looks like a FRIENDLY ghost! ;-)

  3. The scariest movie for me was the 1953 The House of Wax in 3D. Wearing those funny cardboard glasses, I was 10 years old. Vincent Price can scare anyone. That night I did not sleep because I was too afraid to sleep. On nights following, I had nightmares.


  4. 1. I don't scare easily. I think I'm too cynical even for that.

    2. You know I do. I had a ghost in my apartment for years. I wrote about it 2-3 times at diff Halloween posts.

    3. 'The Other'. More suspenseful than scary. And not to be confused with 'The Others'.

    4. Dust bunnies or a pile of cat puke.

    5. No. Never. It might become the end of me, but eh, who cares?

    6. I got hit by a car when I was like 5. It was probably scarier for the couple who hit me, than it was for me. I mean, I was 5.

    7. I have weird ass dreams. I don't know if I truly have nightmares.

    8. Like you, I hate bugs Roaches in particular, but I hate any bug or insect, especially multiple of them. Fucked up!

    Bonus: On an upthrust, I made a guy about to do a hit of poppers splash them in his eyes. OUCH. Well, he said "ouch". It kind of ended our tryst.


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