Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mom is okay right now but that can change at any time and I know this is only going to end one way.

It has been a roller coaster ride since my last update and I really thought that by today I would be telling you that she had passed.

On Friday, I had to explain to her what options she had left and what each of them meant as we prepared to extirpate her. She had been on breathing assistance for 10 days and either had to have tracheostomy (she has never wanted that) or go on mostly oxygen support with limited breathing assistance. We were all prepared to have her pass on Saturday but she did very well.

On Monday, we actually made arrangements to do "End of Life." This I also had to explain to her as our family looked on. The doctors were there and would have done it but I how could I let someone else tell her this?

Monday night she was moved from ICU (after 12 days) to a private room. Today, she is talking, eating, sitting in a chair and only on oxygen. She still needs breathing assistance (using a machine to help inflate her lung) but mostly for sleeping at night and if she tired during the day.

So far she has been in the hospital for 19 days with 10 days in ICU.

As for me and the rest of the family we are taking care of each other have additional family members that are helping us as well as mom. One thing I'm dealing with is another abscess. It started on Sat, I think, and got very big (size of a cue ball) very fast. I went to the emergency room on Monday night and my doctor on Tuesday. I think Alanis could have used this in a song - being in a hospital surrounded by doctors (Mom and I share two) and still having to go to the ER and make appointments. The timing sucks! It's on my back and extremely painful and because I started running a fever (even on antibiotics) I have had time away from Mom and the hospital - which I spent sleeping a lot, and blogging a little.

Ultimately, the family's goal is to get mom well enough to come home to pass. I would rather she pass sooner and at the hospital. She has little time left and it's not the kind of time she ever wanted. However, she continues to fight because it is what she wants and that is all that matters. When she's not resting, she is fully engaged and clear of mind and thought.

Thanks again for being there.

xxoo, Sean, Truvy and Tramp


  1. Keeping you and your family in my mind and heart. Love you, Sean. :(


  2. Sean,

    Our thoughts were with you this weekend. Anne Marie asked that we have a moment of silence for you and your Mom at the beginning of our Saturday night "Bloggerpalooza" event. We are with you my friend.


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  4. Sean,

    I tried doing the link thing and I don't think it worked. I'll try again. I'm not sure if there is a space between the a and the href.


    Retired in Delaware

  5. Cool! It worked! Thanks Sean!


  6. Sean My heart goes out to you. I do nto know what to say, but only this. If you need to talk to someone.let me know..I can give you my cell number. you are not in this alone. I may tease you about you, but I really want you to know I am here for you any time. YOu are yo urfamily have been in my thoughts and prayers.


  7. Sean, I'm so sorry. The day after the Bloggerpalooza I learned that my Dad had died overnight. Talk about a sock in the gut! We did not expect him to die. Sometimes I wonder if it's easier when you know they are declining toward death or when it happens unexpectedly. This is never easy, though, no matter what the circumstances.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

  8. We're thinking about you and your family and sending all the strength you'll need for these coming days.

  9. Sean, you are not alone, been there with both my folks, but your instincts are taking you on the right path. Hugs to you and yours.

  10. Take care my friend! My thoughts go out to you and your mother.

  11. to continue ron's thoughts above, all of us hoped you felt the love and caring coming atcha from DE.

    but now it sounds like YOU have a healthcare crisis. dear sean, please take care of YOU; we need your wit and wisdom. the MDs are doing what they can for your mom.


  12. Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you all at once. Hang in there. Please take care of yourself and we'll be praying for you and your family.

  13. I echo all the sentiments above - you're in our thoughts.

  14. Sean I am sorry to your going through all of this. Your mom as in the majority fight because we want to live. I know you must be worn out and that doesn't help your health issues. Hang in there. I'll be thinking of you and your family.


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