Thursday, April 4, 2013


**I really thought this one was one of my toughest and more inspired TMI's.

1. Save your daughter or son or all three of you will die?
I don't have kids but I'm not sure I'd be able to live knowing that I had not tried to save both and that I had chosen one so the other could live. What a burden for the surviving child to carry. 
2. Your arm or your leg?
No question, my leg. In addition to the amazing advances they've made in prosthesis's for legs, I think life would be easier with both arms and hands. The thought of never pleasing a man by pinching his nip while massaging his prostate or any number of combinations, is unmanageable.
3. Sight, hearing or speech?
Keep my sight, no question. Hearing or speech is tougher. I think I'd keep hearing. I'd miss music and the sounds of nature. I think it's safer to have your hearing and it's easier to communicate with people when you can't  speak then when you can't hear. I've seen this with my Mom when her cancer paralyzed one of her vocal cords and made it very hard to communicate or use the phone but she had few problems then if she couldn't hear/
4. Taste or to physically feel anything (pleasure, pain, touch)?
I thought of this one based on one of the characters in the SyFy series, Haven. The main hunk was unable to feel another's touch. This is also a real and rare genetic condition. I would rather not be able to taste then not feel the touch of another. How could you ever reach orgasm? 
5. On your smart phone: text, data or call?
Text. Although I'm a late convert to texting, there are times when you must have a phone and I like having access to the web and email. And email could be a slow substitute for texting.
6. Love of your life but life on welfare or no love and live in the top 40%?
No love. I've spent most of my life with no love and closer to welfare then the top 40% and I'm sure Miss Truvy, Tramp and I could be very happy living with a top 40% income.
7. Who do you save: Kennedy, King or Milk?
Is there a bad choice here? I think the assassination of Kennedy did more harm to the country then just setting back civil rights. Maybe if he hadn't been killed, King and Milk wouldn't have been either and maybe have been able to do even greater work. I'd dave Kennedy, despite what Stephen King wrote in 11/23/63.
8. You can only cure one: One kind of Cancer, AIDS or Heart Disease?
AIDS. It's not just a gay disease and had devastated two generations across the world. The loss of these generations is incalculable and will be felts for decades. In many ways it set back LGBT rights but in others I think it has advanced them.
9. Read only one: magazine, newspaper or books?
I forgot to include that in this question, there is no internet. If I had remembered that my answer would have been Newspapers. I don't read magazines too often and as much as I enjoy and would miss books, Newspapers would provide the most complete combination of information, entertainment (hello - comics!) and yes, even sports. However, since the internet is in play then my answer is clearly Books. Books allow you to escape, to dream and expands your mind like no other medium.

Sex of any kind (bad to great to wilder to jo) or the internet?

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  1. I've moved from hard copy to e-reader, but I couldn't exist without my books. They have always been my method of escape.


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