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nCycle concept bike is smart, foldable, secure

Despite being around for over a century, bicycles are ideally suited to meettoday’s urban transport needs – even if issues remain in the form of theft-prevention, storage, and safety. Gizmag has covered its fair share of bike designs which aim to tackle these problems, and nCycle is the latest such concept to hit our collective radar, sporting a modern design and some high-tech features to match.

nCycle boasts several innovations, including a smartphone dock and integrated holographic display, an easy more intuitive folding system for easier storage said to be a three-step process which can be performed quickly and with little effort.

nLock makes use of nCycle’s handlebars as a method of securing the bike to a street light, or something similar. The rider simply finds a suitable place to tether the nCycle and closes the handlebars around the structure to lock it in place. No anti-theft measure is perfect, but it’s certainly an elegant alternative to a lock and chain.

Alongside a battery-powered electric motor, Bluetooth speakers and integrated headlights, the nCycle concept also calls for a holographic display which sits atop the handlebars and mirrors the screen of the rider's smartphone. This display could provide directions, speed and other information, while the smartphone remains stowed safely away in a dock hidden in the bike's frame.
The nCycle concept is the brainchild of designers Marin Myftiu and Skyrill. If it makes it from the drawing board to manufacture, it could be offered in several iterations to suit budget and need, including a basic “no frills” model and a unit with a comparatively expensive electric motor.
Fingers crossed the presumably significant practical hurdles of such a bike can be worked out, because it's certainly an appealing looking method of urban transport.
Source: Marin Myftiu via Co.Exist
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I may have to start watching American Idol again. Meet Lazaro Arbos, he has an inspiring story, of course. He has such a severe stutter at times, he barely able to speak, but he can sing. He sang the shit out of Bridge Over Troubled Water, just try not to think of Clay Akin's version or voice.

Oh and he is gorgeous! At only 21, this Cuban born man looks much younger but I think he is only going to get better as he gets older - can you imagine him at 35?! Love the boy tie too. Anyone think he's straight? Enjoy!


Big Whack Attack
A blog for entertainment and (perhaps) instruction on this time-honored activity. Keepin' it healthy!
Big Whack Attack is my newest Passenger Pickup. NSFW, blogger Pat has the same taste in men as I do only he leaves nothing to the imagination. Along with stunning photo's you'll get a steamy narrative. Find him in my PARK AND RIDE section.

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Goodbye Tom. Goodbye Gail and your lovely bosoms. Goodbye Huge and your unibrow. Goodbye Padma. Goodbye Chefs.

I just finished watching the Restaurant Wars episode of Season 10 of Top Chef and it was my last show. They told Kristen to pack her knives and go but kept BOTH Josie and Stephan. I have lost all respect for the judges and the show. There's nothing more to say. I have tweeted Andy and now I've told you. I'll listen to anyone who thinks I'm wrong but you're going to have to have a very convincing argument.

Goodbye Kristen. I think you could have won it all.


There are three things in the world today that are guaranteed to make me feel better no matter what:


1. you are sick with the flu?
I don't get the flu. Jinx. I don't get the shot, not because I have problems with it, but because I don't get the flu, stomach flus or colds. At least for in the last 15 years, that's not to say I don't get sick, I do, but it is usually pneumonia or bronchitis.  Eating always makes me feel better and I never loose my appetite. The last three years I have had a bet with my doctor that if I get the flu that I promise to get the shot the next year. If I win the bet then she gives me $25. I'm up $75. 
2. you are in a bad mood?
I need to be left alone and allowed to stew. I'll take myself away from people, including friends and family, and go for drives or somewhere to eat.
3. you are alone?
I don't mind being alone. I very used to it and when you have depression, you tend to isolate yourself (not a good thing) but that's why I have Truvy and Tramp. My doggies help center me, make me leave the house, and give me so much unconditional love that it never gets too bad. 

4. you are sad?
Eat. Ya, you see the pattern. 
5. you are mad?
Being mad always sneaks up on me. I don't realize it until I notice that I'm snapping at people and slamming doors and draws and using my hands a lot. I also, yell - especially in the car and if you (as in people in stores or car) piss me off, you are likely to hear me. I'll just say what I'm thinking and being from NY that means loudly! This is especially dangerous when I have the top down on the Jeep and forget that everyone can hear me.
6. you are frustrated?
I try to figure the source of the frustration and then solve it. If I can't figure it out or fix it, then I more one to anger.
7. you are angry?
I don't get angry often. If I do, it started out as frustration. And really, now that I'm answering my own TMI questions, what is the real difference between being mad and being angry?
you are horny?
More often then I'd like I have to take matters into my own left hand.

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Many of us thought that Victor Garber had come out years ago, just like we thought Jodie Foster had as well but unlike Foster, he wasn't making a declaration, he simply answered an interviewer's question. I think the popularity of the story has more to do with how well liked and respected Victor is and not that he's officially out. Read about it at Greg In Hollywood, it's a good read and only a few paragraphs. Actually, I've added Greg In Hollywood to my blog roll. The REAL STORY is how hunky his partner, Rainer Andreesen, of 13 years is! WOOF! Way to go Victor. And Victor, if you're reading this, WOOF to you too!

Rainer Andreesen was born in 1963 in Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada, Rainer's artistic ability was encouraged throughout his childhood and adolescence. With a desire to paint and the urging of his high school instructors, Rainer pursued a career in art by attending a four year intense Arts and Design program at Capilano College in Vancouver, Canada. In 1986, after graduating with honors, Rainer excelled in the advertising industry with design and illustration at a top ad agency and design studio for six years. In that time, he also opened a successful design studio where a fashion photographer client encouraged him to model on a project. Shortly after that Rainer was recruited by an exclusive modeling agency in Milan Italy, and worked with such clients as Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Zenya and Hugo Boss. 

During the three years he lived in Europe, Rainer was deeply influenced by the museums, galleries, and churches he discovered, traveling from city to city.Following his European adventures, New York beckoned and remains Rainer's place of residence. However, most of his time is spent in Los Angeles at his Hancock park studio where he devotes his time to painting in oils. Inspiration comes from all places and people for Rainer, whether it is watching a broadway play, or spending time with friends, or in his travels, that modeling still allows him. "Life has a wonderful opportunity to paint your experience, and I am always looking at life on a canvas." Inspiration also comes from a lot of the books that line his studio walls of old master painters such as John Singer Sargent, James Whistler, Whilliam Merrit Chase, and Rembrandt. Music plays a big factor in the inspiration of his painting also. "I often make a playlist for each painting. It helps the flow and essence of what I am working on and it can also inspire a painting all together."

With all the influence that surround Rainer's daily life, and his strong sense of design, he is emerging as a strong force in the art world of today. Rainer's work is widely collected by the likes of Jennifer Garner, Alan Alda, David Hyde Pierce, Ken Olin, Martin Short, Rosie O'Donnell, Clive Davis, Alfed Molina, Nathan Lane and JJ Abrams.

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